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house of baby is an ongoing collaborative project between joseph losper and tomio shota.

joseph started making latch hook rugs in 2019 while studying at Chelsea College of Art. we conceptualised house of baby together as an avenue to explore our journey through nostalgia and it quickly evolved into this collaborative interdisciplinary project. 

house of baby celebrates space, creating a new world with new boundaries making rugs for the explorers who never grew up.

more than rugs

more than

born of the digital revolution and fuelled by post internet culture, our designs pay homage to the web of digital explorers across the globe.
our collaborators are always digital explorers but span a wide range of disciplines and industries; restaurants, sculptors, tattoo artists and performers.
for us, a sensitivity to comfort and nostalgia allows us to outline a safe space, like the edges of a rug, where you're free to be a kid again.



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